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Acro is the fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Forte's acro-dance program follows the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and is taught by a certified instructor. The only equipment used during class is a variety of mats.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance and we are proud to offer ballet to all ages! From our Tutu & Tumble class to our more intense classes for older dancers, our students learn the importance of technique and body awareness through the lens of ballet.


Baton twirling is an artistic and aerobic sport that combines dance and acro skills, while manipulating one, two or three batons. Forte's twirling program aims to educate students about baton twirling, develop skills and provide performance opportunities in the community.

Jazz / Hip-Hop

Jazz & Hip-Hop place an emphasis on strength, rhythm and flexibility! This social and performance dance style emerged in the 20th century from a blend of African and European styles of movement. In this upbeat class, students will learn about modern dance techniques and combinations. ​

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Forte Twirl & Dance Studio offers classes in baton twirling, acrobatics, ballet and dance to all ages. These classes are fun, upbeat and inclusive.